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Welcome to KK Productions

Welcome to KK Productions, home of exciting Annual Events:

Rockem Sockem Go Memorial

KK Fall Classic

KK Run For Vegas

JrNFR Barrel Racing,

Also Kelly Kaminski and the Kaminski Ranch.

2016 is in the books and the KK Run For Vegas inaugural year has been amazing! We had 6 qualifiers around the country and 60 girls that qualified to run at the JrNFR Barrel Race in Las Vegas, where we had around $80k in added money and prizes!

In 2017, our membership is being built. As of the present, we have 10 KK Run For Vegas 4D qualifiers around the country. We will take the top 5 in each age group to the Semi-Finals of the JrNFR Barrel Race in Las Vegas. See the rules for details. We are also going to be taking some Wild Cards on a membership point system, and other avenues. Stay tuned as we get more exciting details!